Important offerings for Self Publishers

Comprehensive Book Design & Promotional Package for Authors
Self Publishers

  • Design and Marketing of Books and other Large Publications – technical to coffee table e.g. histories, novels, memoirs, photographic anthologies,
    published theses, text books and
    reports among a range of types
  • Editing & Manuscript Appraisal
  • Digital Conversion – Ebook
    & PDF
  • Printing in Australia and Asia
    savings on volume
  • Book Distribution including Physical
    Books and Ebooks e.g. Apple iBooks
    Store and Amazon among others
  • Website Design, Hosting &
    for Authors
  • Ecommerce – website book sales and commercial book repositories
  • Author Image Development
  • Assistance with Promotional activities including Book Launches & Signings,
    Radio Interviews and so on
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube Channel
  • Author YouTube Video
  • Commercial Publishing Project
    Design & Management
  • Patient, Respectful Service.

Reasons for why you
should self publish

You've done a great deal of the hard work and now your manuscript is ready to be presented to the world in a professionally designed form. Where do you start?

Many self publishers set out in the hope
that a commercial publisher will recognise their hard work as highly important. The frustration for most is that publishing houses won’t take risks on unproven ventures and of course are especially wary of subject matter that is not aimed at a mass market. You can certainly approach the publishing companies and should, because obviously if you don't you won't know. Unfortunately for the majority, the exercise ends in rejection and disappointment.

If you've been rejected the only alternative
is to self publish, otherwise your precious knowledge and creativity will never see the light-of-day. Many of our clients have done just that and found that they are able to take advantage of the freedom and financial rewards that self publishing has given them. With a highly polished and professional publication in hand some have then had their book/s accepted by a commercial publisher.

Many self publishers have made a major success of self publishing by promoting their own work. It is important to self publish your book with an expert designer and marketer who will work with you from start to finish. We have the necessary experience and expertise not only in book publishing, but in book marketing, so that your work can reach the widest audience possible.

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Commission awarded Fine Artist Graham Abraham to
paint your history!

In addition to our self publishing services, awarded artist Graham Abraham is now offering Heritage Artworks that depict historic themes. This is in response to requests from those interested in Graham's highly detailed, framed oil paintings. Heritage Artworks can portray important aspects of your history and are intended for framing and display in the family home. Graham is available on a commission basis. Contact the Artist now on 0404 063 705
or follow the link for more information.


Book Printing:

Australia & Asia –
Short-run (print-
on-demand) v
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