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Our services are intended for Self Publishers – novice or experienced who prefer to
deal with a designer on a one-to-one basis in a quiet and private setting.

We take a personal interest in all aspects of your enterprise and will follow through on every detail until your project is satisfactory completed. Assistance is offered to you at
every step and constant, clear communication is very much a part of our process.

Let us assist you in your self publishing venture! We will provide you with extremely
well-designed books that can, if required be supported by appropriately targeted
marketing initiatives that fully suit your needs and your budget! We can also offer
you excellent suggestions and solutions for selling your printed books as well as
your digital ebooks.

Book Design and Production Process, including Printing options:

  • initial free consultation to discuss your project in order to develop a comprehensive brief whether for one book or a number including a series
  • if required, manuscript appraisal to establish the strengths and weaknesses of
    your writing
  • if required, editing (structural and substantive) and proofreading of your manuscript
    to ensure that it is relatively error free before submission for design
  • establish formatting for your book/s including defining book type and page size,
    type fonts and formats for output including for printed and digital versions
  • internal page layout design submitted by us for your approval
  • creation of an electronic book document file in industry standard publishing program Indesign based on the design/s you approve
  • typesetting, formatting and layout design applied to your entire manuscript with
    the appropriate placement of images/illustrations and which results in Draft 1
  • submission of Draft 1 to you, and or editor for detailed editing and correction
  • improvement of images supplied by you including making visual adjustments and ensuring that resolution complies with commercial printing standards
  • if required, engage indexing services
  • we make adjustments to the document and draft submissions through a process
    of corrected outputs until your book is completely error-free
  • book cover design and submission for your approval
  • if required the writing of an author bio and book cover blurb
  • advice and assistance with the ISBN registration process and organising CiP data
    and legal deposit for your book with the National Library of Australia and relevant state libraries
  • final draft submission made, approval and sign-off sought from you
  • discuss options for printing, cover and internal stock and type of binding etc.
  • preparation of the final print-ready document
  • if required seek quotations for printing, short run, print-on-demand (POD) services
    in Australia to produce either hardback or paperback copies of your book
  • seek quotations for printing in Asia to achieve cost-effective saving on volume orders over 500 copies
  • conversion of the print document to required formats – eBook (ePub), Apple iBook for iPad, format for Kobo and Nook readers and .mobi for Kindle readers.
  • if required assistance to set up an Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing KDP account and conversion of your book to the required Kindle ebook format. Submission of artwork to Amazon Create Space for supply of a printed version of your book.


Book Cover Design

The design that is applied to the cover of your book is of great importance because it draws attention to and communicates the relevance of your subject matter. If at all possible it must be a succinct distillation of what the publication is actually all about. It should unambiguously inform your potential audience about all you have to offer. The cover bridges the gap between what you have to say – the textual content and the
interests of your readers. It is the important introduction to your work and seeks to
make the connection between your content and your readers interests.

The benefits of good cover design:

  • represents your book’s contents and its quality using colour, imagery and presentation so that it will have appeal for those who might have an interest in the subject matter
  • attracts attention to your title and content
  • can help boost sales
  • conveys information about you the author
  • makes a strong first impression.

Editing & Manuscript Appraisal Services

We have an adroit understanding of textual content and can contribute comment in that
regard. If a higher level of input is required we have contacts in the editing and writing industries – in fact we are a long-standing member of the Queensland Society of Editors Inc. and are also members of IPED, the Institute of Professional Editors, This means experts
can be sourced from the membership of these organisations with relevant experience in
editing your particular subject matter.

From time to time we assist the Queensland Editors Society by becoming involved
in design projects managed by them. We recently designed their Standards Manual and previously produced their newsletter, Offpress.

Assistance with Registering your Publication

We can act on your behalf or can guide you through the registration of your publication with the National Library, Cataloguing-in-Publication Unit (CiP) using the Thorpe-Bowker website: to obtain an ISBN number and bar code for
your book/s.

We can supply both eBook & Printed versions of your Books

We produce superb publications of practical and visual quality that can be printed as
well as reproduced as PDF, eBook (ePub) and or in formats for a variety of computer systems, e-readers and other devices. eBooks have become established as a viable addition to printed books, in fact an increasing number of eBooks and eReaders are sold
every year. Digital books can be downloaded to your computer and so become
immediately accessible.

Features of our eBook service:

  • both reflowable and fixed formats available – fixed is preferred for text books and technical publications which have a large number of photos, diagrams, maps and
    the like
  • can incorporate hyperlinks and images
  • can have an actively linked Contents
  • ePub and MOBI Kindle formats supplied depending on need.

Digital eBooks can be published and sold for digital download from dedicated
Author's website shopping carts. Ask about how we can provide this
service to you.


Options for Publicising, Marketing and Selling your Books

Many but not all self publishers have a need to promote and sell their books. If you are
one of those whose intention is to sell your works to as a wide an audience as possible
then it is imperative that you consider and choose from the options available to you.
For an overview of our Author Marketing initiatives, please follow the link below.




Your History Books

We specialise in producing high quality Family, Personal, Community and Organisational History Books, Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoires.

Follow the link below to find out more about the design of history books as well as Graham Abraham's extensive experience in designing for history organisations including for the History Trust of South Australia.


Historic Image Improvement and Creation

An important aspect of most publishing projects, especially in regard to published histories is the improvement of images. Photographs often need the work of an expert hand to enhance, retouch and optimise them. Images that are sourced
from the web or prints that have seen
better days need improvement to quality, resolution or both.

Historic photos that are badly damaged
and which have suffered the ravages of time can sometimes be miraculously recovered.


Graham Abraham is a qualified
professional illustrator and is sometimes asked to produce illustrative work for publications. The image above was commissioned for a Family History
(name of the subject withheld for
privacy reasons). It was created because
the only photograph of the character
in question was a very small, indistinct newspaper image.


VIEW LARGER IMAGEGraham Abraham is a Heritage Artist and Illustrator and available to paint your important heritage subjects.


The advantages of Printing
in Asia?

Many authors and self publishers want to know about the viability of printing in Asia. Our experience is that great savings can be achieved on volume orders. There is every likelihood that you will make a profit on books printed in Asia. The costs of printing in Australia make this unlikely.


The Types of Publication that we specialise in

Our aim is to produce high quality books and publications of almost any type – on almost any subject. Though history and text books are a specialty we also produce a wide variety of other items for the purposes of communicating, disseminating and displaying important subject matter.