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Ebooks for Self Publishers

Ebooks are now an important part of the offerings of Self Publishers. Though many Authors
choose to have their books printed they will most likely offer Ebook versions as well.

About Ebooks

Authors and readers alike will always treasure hard copy books, and so for as far as one can see into the future printed books will fulfill a human need, to touch and feel the tangible examples of human endeavour. This seems most obvious to self-publishers since there is nothing like the feeling of holding your printed 'works' in their very own hands for the first time. We do however recommend that you also make Ebooks one of your publishing goals.

Additional to having your book produced in printed form, publishing electronically greatly widens it's marketability in this day-and-age. Customers can purchase and read your books at the tap and swipe of a finger on a touch-screen. Both new and established authors can maximise sales and publicity of their books by releasing them as Ebooks. Having an electronic version of your book means that you gain a far greater audience and increase your promotional opportunities. strengthening your ability to make a greater return on your publishing investment.

Ebook publishing is growing rapidly and Graham Abraham Design is at the forefront of this wave of technological change. The tide of current advances is producing trends that are creating new opportunities in the publishing world, especially for self-publishers. We can provide you with the advantages that the most up-to-date products can deliver. We are highly qualified in being able to provide the best possible advice and forecasts that will enable you
to succeed in your publishing venture. This means we are able to repurpose the work we do for you so that it fits with the most desirable formats for today’s marketplace.

Ebook formats differ from those of physical books in that they can have a certain flexibility. This means that though the content is the same as it is for printed books and contain for example images, photos, diagrams, maps etc. they can be resized to suit particular devices. The capability to achieve this malleable framework is provided in Epublishing software – current standard being Epub. We have the software and the capability to produce Ebook
versions of your books depending on the type of book.

Alternative formats are:

  1. Text only with limited illustration e.g. Novels, Novellas Format: Reflowable Ebook Epub2 standard
  2. Illustrated/Diagrammed books e.g. history books
    Format: Fixed Layout Epub3, iBooks Author and KF8
  3. Text Books
    Format: Fixed Layout Enhanced Ebooks, Epub3 and other Etextbook formats.

One of the advantages that Ebooks presents is that video, sound and animation can also be incorporated. Ponder the possibilities – an introductory video, music or the sound produced by the creatures in your research project. Perhaps an animated graph demonstrating the changing conditions in an environment or showing the spread of populations could be incorporated into your book for educational purposes. And a page background that subtly moves with the pulses of your electronic experiments. The possibilities
are open to your imagination.

Once converted and approved Ebooks can be made available for purchase on every eReader device such as iPad, Sony Reader,
Kindle and Nook.

Though physical books will be with us for generations to come eBooks add to a storehouse that will become ever more rich and diverse. Let us assist you with a package that covers all of the possibilities for now and into the future. Let us supply you with
an estimate for the conversion of your book to eBook format.

ISBNs for Ebooks

All Ebooks require their own ISBN and cannot hold the same number as the physical book even though they might be related.
We produce a quality and validated Epub file ready for uploading
to any of the retailers listed to the right.

Ebook Distribution

We can help with selecting and contacting suitable retailers, uploading the files, preparing the retail price for your Ebook, creating a description, author biography and keyword search terms so readers can easily access and purchase your Ebook. You retain all rights to your Ebook and profits from sales are all yours as Graham Abraham Publication & Graphic Design takes no royalties.

Ebook Distribution Channels

The following book retailers (Etailers) all have varying time frames
and royalty rates therefore not all of the outlets will have the
Ebooks available at the same time.

Amazon (Kindle): Approximately 5 days from uploading.

Apple iBookstore (iPad): Approximately 5-6 weeks from uploading.

Barnes & Noble (Nook): Approximately 3-4 weeks from uploading.

Reader Store (Sony Reader): Approximately 5-6 weeks from uploading.

Kobo: Approximately 2-3 weeks from uploading.

Copia: Approximately 2-3 weeks from uploading.

Gardners: Approximately 3-4 weeks from uploading.

Baker & Taylor: Approximately 2-3 weeks from uploading.

ECentral: Approximately 2-3 weeks from uploading.

Pagepusher: Approximately 2-3 weeks from uploading.

Scribd: Approximately 2-3 weeks from uploading.

You receive a percentage from a sale?

Each retail outlet collects a different percentage from an eBook sale. It takes approximately 45 to 60 days from the end of each month for any sales to show up in your eBook personal account. This
varies and depends entirely on how quickly stores report their sales.
For example, Sony sales reporting occurs 45 days after the end of the quarter.

You can set up a PayPal Account so that you can track and manage payments. If you're not familiar with PayPal we can assist you
with account setup and advise you on the type of account you should have.

Guide to payments from retailers

Amazon Kindle: Amazon Kindle operates differently from the other retailers. You receive 70% of the eBook sale price when sold in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Leichtensetein, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco and the USA (minus Amazon delivery fee depending on the size of the book. This is applicable to eBooks priced between $2.99 and $9.99. Amazon Kindle keep 30%.

Barnes & Noble: You receive 50% of the eBook sale price.
Barnes & Noble keep 50%.

iBookstore: You receive 70% of the eBook sale price. iBookstore keep 30%.

Reader Store (Sony): You receive 50% of the eBook sale price. Sony keep 50%.

Copia: You receive 70% of the eBook sale price. Copia keep 30%

Kobo: You receive 70% of the eBook sale price. Kobo keep 30% Books priced from $0.99 to $12.99 only.

Gardners: You receive 60% of the eBook sale price. Gardners
keep 40%.

Baker & Taylor: You receive 50% of the eBook sale price. Baker
& Taylor keep 50%.

ESentral: You receive 70% of the eBook sale price. eSentral
keep 30%.

Scribd: You receive 70% of the eBook sale price. Scribd keep 30%.

Pagepusher: You receive 50% of the eBook sale price. Pagepusher keep 50%.

In all other countries you receive 35% and Amazon Kindle keeps 65%. If your price is outside the pricing parameters listed above then you receive 35% regardless of country of sale.

eBook Global Distribution Channel

For a standard non-fiction book with no more than 20 images, tables or illustration – $550 ‘BEST PRICE IN AUSTRALIA’.

This will vary depending on your book. A simple 200 page novel with no images will cost less than a 400 page non-fiction book with 50 tables or images.

For a standard novel up to 300pp  -  $450 ‘BEST PRICE IN AUSTRALIA’.

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