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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I start?

We can assist you in every step of the process from beginning to end. Self-Publishing has never been easier, as long as you enter the process fully prepared. No doubt the publishing industry is a minefield and to be successful you need to be wary of the pitfalls. Firstly, realistic goals need to be set by analyzing what it is you hope to achieve. We can assist with a free consultation at which your questions will be answered and you will leave with a clearer sense
of what is possible and what it is you need to do to achieve success. In the end it will depend on the confidence you have in yourself and your project and in what you hope to offer the world.

Explore this website to discover the answers to your questions.
The Design Process Guide for a detailed overview of what
you need to know to achieve your publishing goals!

What can I expect from Publishing Companies?

You may have already found that commercial publishing companies barely make it worth your while to publish with them. All authors hope to have best-sellers however many aren't in a position to present their work in a polished way.

The fact is that traditional publishers reject 99% of manuscripts – sad but true. What’s worse is that with the 1% or so that are accepted, most of the books are not given much in terms of marketing. Its a tough industry. Even if you get a bestseller, the publisher will keep most of the profits. What you might get is the title of best-selling author and the request to do it all again –
for the publisher.

You are best placed to publish your own book. After all you have an enormous personal stake in your book's success and you can control the way your work is produced and promoted. Our way of working is to give you full assistance in this process. You will control it. You retain copyright of your book. You keep all the profits. You decide when your book is ready to be produced. No long approval or review process. You have a complete say in how your book is produced.

Print-on-Demand service means you can print only the books you need to. We advise you test the waters before committing to large numbers unless of course you are thoroughly confident that your work is of the very highest quality and appeal. We have assisted a number of our clients to achieve just that. We can assist you to gauge interest in your own works.

Can I Market my own Book?

When you self-publish you are the publisher and for the most part, you determine how successful your book becomes by deciding how much effort, money and time you want to invest in your works. In other words, you have full control of your own success. Let us assist you to succeed in marketing and selling your book. See: Marketing for Authors.

How will Graham Abraham Design
produce my book?

We take will care of all the design and production work, with your approval and we can manage referrals and bookings with freelance proof readers, editors, illustrators and photographers. We have access to many services and are a long-standing member of the Queensland Society of Editors Inc.

Special emphasis and attention is given to the design of an appropriate cover especially if the book is to be marketed and offered for sale to a specific audience.

If you wish we can register your ISBN, Bar Code, and Legal CiP. Otherwise you can do it yourself and we can guide you in this relatively simple process.

We will organise the printing, binding and delivery of your books, be that from a local printery or overseas.





Does Graham Abraham have relevant qualifications?

Graham Abraham Publication & Graphic Design principle, Graham Abraham initially gained a Certificate in Commercial Art in 1978, at the Queensland College of Art, now Griffith University. In 1988 he was awarded a Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration with honours by the University of South Australia.

After working extensively in commercial industry which included Queensland Newspapers and one of the world's largest advertising agencies, Ogilvy and Mather, Graham won a contract to produce
an extensive interpretive signage program for the National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia.

In 1987 Graham was employed by the History Trust of South Australia, initially full time and then part time producing displays, printed publicity, educational materials, photography and contributing to marketing initiatives. Graham worked for a time with the Marketing Manager, Mr John Schumann formerly lead singer of the Australian band Redgum.

Working part time gave Graham the opportunity to freelance
and he was subsequently made an associate of Steve Dicks and Associates, an Adelaide based public relations company.

As an associate of Steve Dicks Graham produced design work for many and varied clientele which included government through to large corporate entities. During this time Graham's business was established as Graham Abraham Design.

In 1993 Graham moved to Townsville north Queensland to take up a large and important contract with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to produce the State of the Marine Environment Reports for Australia. He also re-established the business and produced design work for the Townsville City Council and Townsville Enterprise among others.

After moving to Brisbane in 1998 and working for various departments of the University of Queensland and a variety of other clientele, some academic, Graham began offering his services as a designer of larger reports and books. He joined the Society of Editors Inc. in 1998 and found that his skills as a book designer were in demand. With an increasing emphasis on books, especially from Self-publishers Graham established the business as Graham Abraham Publication & Graphic Design. The business is now expanding into marketing and web design for Authors and

Who retains the copyright of my
published book?

You retain full copyright of your book and the design work that GAp&gd does specifically for your project. Additional usage of created images is by agreement with us.

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provided shortly:

I know very little about Self-publishing. Can I do it?

Can you assist with the writing and editing of the text for my book?

What programs do I use to assemble my files?

What is the process for producing a Self-published Book?

What format should I present my files in?

What is the importance of cover design?

Why do I need an ISBN and Barcode when self-publishing?

How long does it take to design and self-publish a book?

What are Print-on-Demand PoD books?

What does printing cost?

How long will it take to print my book?

What happens with the shipping of my book?

Is there a minimum requirement of books I have to print?

What guarantee do I have on the quality of my printed books?

What happens to my print-ready files once my book is printed?

Where can I sell my book?

Can GAd produce eBooks?

Can GAp&gd help with the marketing and distribution of
my book?

What are my rights & responsibilities?



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