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Good design ensures excellent communication

The aim of graphic design is to distil and symbolise the most important and meaningful elements of
your written work and your ideas. The created image applied to the outward, visible expression
of the published 'work' quickly conveys messages that suggest interest to your audience.

Good Design ensures excellent communication

We see many new Authors and intending Self Publishers who, not having previously had the experience of publishing know very little about the process of getting their precious works from thoughts expressed to public exposure in the best way possible. Many are
not aware of the important role that design plays in this process.

You have laboured over important written material that ultimately reveals your knowledge and ideas in verbal and textual form; however you may not be aware that in the process of writing and researching; the activity of designing has already occurred and will continue until your book is finally published. In some way design is about the important process of organising the material with the intent of communicating it to others.

Graphic design is about organising visual elements however what
we do is more than graphic design. Our design service includes assisting you to arrange all of the important elements, including,
if you require the textual elements of your project in order to achieve excellent communication throughout. What we do could
be better described as communication design.

Many are not familiar with how graphic design, sometimes called visual communication can produce a highly organised, polished and professional result that can capture and direct the attention of the viewer and even captivate it when otherwise the written content would not easily reach out with a message that instantly conveys the content at a glance. Design actually assists us to differentiate and identify what is of verbal interest and what is not.

With each project we are provided with an opportunity to make a difference to the public perception of our client’s work. Design is
of overwhelming importance in communicating your ideas –
verbal or visual.

The power to Communicate

Graphic design is often considered to be a visual process but it is primarily about problem solving. It's intended outcomes are not ‘prettiness’ but the highly practical conveyance of information by the creative and perceptive use of symbolic visual cues. Design offers power to communicate effectively by inventively distilling and symbolising the meaningful elements of your written work and
then applying that to the outward, visible expression of the ‘work’.

Design applied to a book or other publication involves all of it's elements, not just the cover. Page and textual layout also require attention. Legibility is a word often used in the design industry and for good reason. It's importance can't be overstated. The appearance of text on a page influences the way a reader approaches the written word and the way in which he or she feels about the act of reading itself. There are those hardened individuals who are not so influenced by readability issues since they will read despite the challenges however they are not the majority and so we must cater for those who are put off by unwieldy typographic design. Serious readers will also benefit from  the application of good typography.

Page layout, or the organising of visual and typographic elements has an influence on the appeal but also on the accessibility of information. The process of organising goes on throughout the entire project.


How Design works

Design removes clutter. An overriding principle of visual design is the organising of visual elements relative to a given space. Without knowing it most people will glance at a page and notice one element first. This element is called the centre of interest. The eye will then roam from one element to another eventually taking in all elements on the page or not. At some point the viewer may choose to leave the page because interest has been lost. Other possibilities are that the viewer didn't see anything of interest at all and left immediately, was confused by the appearance of the page and couldn't see any thing of interest because the page was confusing.
In this case the problem was poor design. Unless there is a balance of visual elements – including space, attention will be lost because the eye can't focus on one element at a time and happily roam
the space taking in all of the elements that have meaning.

How we make Design work for You

Design includes managing your project through to producing a final highly polished product. In many cases our clients see their book projects as being about producing products. Those products are often intended for sale. Even if not, the aim to have an easily read and understood publication is the same. To achieve a book cover that is designed to succinctly convey the contents is exceedingly important, much moreso for books intended for
sale to a specific audience.

We can assist you by not only presenting your work in a polished and professional way for a compatible audience but assist you to shape it to being the best it can be. This will enable you to present your publication as the work of art that you truly believe it is. In fact by using good design we can demonstrate the incredible power that you have to communicate your knowledge and ideas.

Design is also about collaboration. We believe our design work is successful because we place emphasis on getting to know our clients and being confident about their needs, goals and aspirations –
as well as their objectives and constraints.

When the book/s have been confidently designed and printed and made ready for conversion to digital form the time comes for some to consider making their products available to a wider audience. Some will not, however those who are committed to sales are presented with the problem of how to promote the work to their target audience. Design converts ideas into a visual language that appeals to anyone with an interest in the subject matter and if
done well will invite them to buy.

Our experience in corporate design, marketing and web site design and management will be of great interest to you. See About Us for an overview of our extensive experience in the commercial and
non-commercial – government, private and assisting self-publishers to realise their work and get it out to market.

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