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Graham Abraham is an awarded fine artist capable of producing oil paintings of immense value. He has a very keen eye for history and cultural heritage, and much experience of his own history as well as that of others. He is available on a commission basis to depict your family history and heritage subjects and render them as works of art that can be framed and displayed in the family home or wherever they can be seen to best effect. The Artworks are of
the highest quality and are guaranteed
to last well into the future.

New life can be given to your historic past even if it no longer materially exists so
long as suitable photographic reference
is available. Graham can recover vital information from your old photographs,
and from you, and give renewed life
and appropriate colour to your heritage thereby cementing the memory of your past into history for future generations.

Subjects for portrayal can include homesteads and historic family homes, cottages and other structures including significant public buildings, sheds and farm sites, farming implements, documents and mementos e.g. love letters, postcards, citations etc, private gardens and surrounding landscapes, aircraft, military equipment and military scenes, memorials, ships and other forms of transport, wharves and disembarkation sites, portraits of forebears – virtually anything that is of historic value can be illustrated.

Graham prefers to work on large-scale canvas in oils or acrylic for the purpose of framing the artwork for display and or reproduction e.g. inclusion in history books as illustration as well as producing Art Prints for display. Smaller-scale watercolour paintings can be also produced – as above for framing (display) and illustration.

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All original artwork is accompanied by
Certificate of Authenticity signed by
the Artist.

At the old Gramenz family dairy in Brookfield, Queensland.
Acrylic on canvas. Sold.


Old harvester in a South Australian field.
Watercolour painting. Sold.


Water carrier long past its usefulness. On a property near Myponga, South Australia.
Watercolour painting. Sold.


Above are two commissioned portraits for publication. Left: Lieutenant George Jamieson, WWI and Right: name withheld – notable family member WWII Sergeant for a family history book.

Historic family property at Wynnum North, Brisbane Queensland. Title: We've got history! A framed Heritage Artwork such as this will become a valued family heirloom in its
own right.

Checklist for Commissioning your Heritage Artwork

  • contact Graham by phone or email to discuss a time for a 1 hour, no-obligation meeting to discuss the creation of your Heritage Artwork. This verbal brief from you will establish an important relationship and define the details of the Artwork including subject matter, size, medium, ground (base material e.g. canvas). From this interaction Graham will gain important information that can be used to create a work of art that you will be happy with. If possible a written brief would be appreciated from you, together with available photographs, other relevant images and documents, and smaller artifacts and objects if practical
  • a time-frame will be suggested. Since subject matter is often detailed and formats large, the work sometimes requires time-consuming application and so up to several months may be required to complete the work
  • as soon as is possible you will receive a formal email or written reply from Graham that details his understanding of your brief and a quotation of costs
  • you submit a one-third deposit which activates the next available time slot
  • if you are to supply photographs and images this can be done at the appropriate time prior to creating rough, suggested compositional layouts
  • if research is required, time will be alloted for this. If travel is required for on-site – interstate or overseas photography or the gathering of photographic reference material from e.g. libraries and other repositories, bookings and schedules should be arranged by you and details conveyed to Graham as soon as possible. If Graham is to place bookings, costs will be requested from you before the time of booking
  • a Compositional Rough will be submitted for your approval before work begins on the original Artwork. This may be done in person, mailed or emailed as a PDF. Your approval may be sought throughout the process and especially as the Artwork nears completion. You are welcome to visit at any convenient time
  • Graham will need to know if you want him to arrange framing and if so whether you have any preferences in that regard. He may submit examples of the type of frame that he recommends. Otherwise you may want to make your own arrangements after delivery. It is possible to simply apply a colour to the sides of canvasses leaving them exposed. If the artwork is on another type of 'ground' e.g. illustration board, framing
    is highly recommended so as to preserve the artwork over time
  • with your approval and on completion of your Artwork a two thirds payment plus the cost of shipping will be requested prior to delivery of your Heritage Artwork. Details of delivery will be confirmed with you at this stage. A final payment is required from you
    at the time of receipt of the Artwork
  • if you require prints of the Original for other family members or for colleagues you will need to let Graham know prior to request for delivery as high quality photography is needed and time must be allocated for this to occur. Costs will be supplied to you and payment requested before photography and printing occur
  • delivery of Artwork will be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Heritage Artwork Size and Pricing Guide

The following is a rough guide to pricing. Once your brief has been fully assessed an accurate quotation can be supplied to you. The following chart is based on standard sizes and styles. A wide variety of custom sizes to suit the area in which your painting will hang or which will best complement the composition can be arranged on request.

Two distinct styles of Artwork are offered (other mediums/sizes can be requested):

Large oil (or acrylic) painting on canvas

Prices for Commissioned Heritage Artworks on canvas are based on factors such as canvas size and quality, complexity of the composition and the number of subject elements.
All canvas used is of the highest quality linen on hardwood frame ensuring longevity.
Time spent on research and travel will also be taken into account.

One main subject e.g. house, garden structure, shed, barn, aircraft hangar, wharf in an appropriate setting with one or two foreground elements e.g. historical artifact/implement, vehicle, horse-drawn cart, ship, aircraft, domestic/wild animal or any other object. Other possibilities are interiors, costumes/garments/uniforms, domestic implements, ornaments and so on – gardens, plants etc. Please note these are examples only and the subject matter that is relevant to your own history is of greatest importance. For each portrait add $800
to prices below. Sizes exclude framing.

•   Large Canvas 120 cm x 80 cm     $4,000.00

•   Canvas 90 cm x 60 cm     $3,000.00

Coloured Pencil and Watercolour on Artboard

Prices for Commissioned Heritage Artworks on artboard are based on factors such as size, complexity of the composition and the number of subject elements. Artboard and materials used are of the highest quality ensuring longevity. Time spent on research and travel will also be taken into account.

One main portrait subject. This format lends itself to finer work with portraiture being more attractive with smaller artifacts arranged as a montage around the main character or characters e.g. heirlooms, domestic and personal objects, medals, awards, certificates, maps, outfits/garments, clothing/uniforms etc. Any of the suggested elements from above are also possible. Please note these are examples only and the subject matter that is relevant to your history is of greatest importance. For each additional portrait add $600 to prices below. Sizes exclude framing.

Full sheet Illustration Board    76 cm x 50 cm     $3,000.00

Half sheet Illustration Board    38 cm x 25 cm     $2,000.00

If space permits additional elements may be possible however they will be judiciously considered so as not to overwhelm or over-complicate the composition. Ultimately a pleasant balance is desirable so as not to confuse the viewer.

N.B. Larger sizes of canvas may be required for two or more Portrait subjects or more complex compositions.

Very large Paintings on canvas or even Murals are possible. Please enquire regarding pricing.

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