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You don’t need to be told how important your history is. Chances are that since you
have found your way here you are looking for the best way to publish a book that communicates how strongly you do feel about your own history.

You may already have done a lot of the hard work, even produced a manuscript – spent many late nights on lengthy research, writing stories, collecting photographs and genealogical data and now want to put it all together in a book for relatives, for future generations or for colleagues who would otherwise know little, or worse – nothing at all about the contribution you, your family or forebears have made to life.

As a history writer your aim will be to connect people, places, events and achievements using research and writing to meld anecdotes and stories with records and pictures of key events. In order to engage people you will aim to write in such a way as to make your book interesting and even captivating. You will know that people love stories and will absorb facts and data much more effectively if it is all part of a coherent well-organised narrative. If your book is well-written and interesting it may even engage and inspire others beyond your family or group.

We all have unique stories to tell. Much of our invaluable life experience is of interest to others. All of us have treasured memories and connections that give our lives value, meaning and substance. We have all experienced life – the birth of a child, the raising of a family, the development of a community, the death of loved ones. For some it can be the founding of a town, the building of a career, the development of an organisation, academic achievements and most importantly – of course, contributing to family. All of these experiences are facets of a never ending history that has links far beyond existing memory. Recollections of times gone by and of those who contributed so much to our existence are part of our development, the knowledge of which contributes richness to our lives.

To many, early forebears may seem little more than names on a family tree who existed in the mists of times gone by, like chapters in a forgotten book they may forever remain unknown unless you create a new volume and reveal their secrets. Through your research, writing and great effort the people of the past can take on new life that others would otherwise have no knowledge about. Through your publishing efforts forebears can become people that we can all connect with and can even get to know.

Your history is a gift to future generations

A history book is a wonderful gift from you to your family and relatives. You may discover that your family becomes inspired to continue the work that you have started.

Please remember histories are of enormous value to all of us. The worth of producing a professional quality history book is that it will become a family tome, a keepsake and an heirloom for the generations yet to come. You will be remembered and thanked for the great effort it takes to bring it all together.

With our help you can confidently self publish
your history book!

We can help you to achieve your goals by creating a professional quality, well-designed book that speaks volumes about your important history, for your family, friends, society or organisation.

We can help you permanently record the development, change and achievements
of your company or organisation. We can help you publish the biography of a distinguished community member or leader. In fact, we can help you with all aspects
of self-publishing a history. We assist you to transform your manuscript into a high-quality book that your friends, family and colleagues will find captivating.

We have produced many history books for authors just like yourself. Please see our slide
show of examples at the top of this page.

Our experience in designing for History and Cultural
Heritage organisations

Graham Abraham has had a long connection with history. He was employed for more than seven years by one of Australia's premier history organisations, the History Trust of South Australia HTSA, now History SA. For most of his tenure Graham was based at the South Australian Maritime Museum SAMM.

Graham spent time at each of the History Trust of South Australia's divisions – South Australian Maritime Museum SAMM, Migration Museum MM, Old Parliament House and Community History Division of HTSA. He was also involved in support of the Port Adelaide City Council and the Port Centre Project, an initiative of the Premier's Department of South Australia set up to oversee the preservation of the significant Port Adelaide Heritage Precinct. It has been claimed that the historic streetscapes of Port Adelaide are the most important and contiguous in Australia.

For more information and to see Graham's experiences of SAMM and Port Adelaide through the lens of his camera follow the link below.



Writing a Family History


Writing a family history may seem like a daunting task, but if you keep certain things in mind your family history book can become a reality sooner rather than.

Anyone who reads your history will most likely be interested in the facts, but what they'll most enjoy and remember are the details about everyday life, the wonderful stories, anecdotes and traditions.

Varying accounts of the same event can give your book interest and introducing new characters and personal stories will keep your readers captivated and enthralled. Even if no personal accounts of individuals are in existence you can still tell interesting stories by using what you know, gained from
your research.

Avoid the potential frustrations of producing a history book!

We understand that researching, writing and planning a book can be very tiring. We do know how you feel! Let us take away at least some of the stress by simplifying the process of self publishing for you.

We guide you through what might otherwise seem like a maze to the very end of the process when you proudly hold a hard copy of your book in your hand. We have seen the incredible satisfaction and the delight on the faces of many self publishers when the dream has finally been realised. We can help you to achieve the same result for yourself.

Let us help you to achieve your publishing dream

The decision to self-publish may not be a clear one. You may not be aware of the pros and cons and need further advice before
you commit your precious resources. Be reassured that many others have successfully done it before you.

We are highly experienced in history publishing and can guide you through every step. In fact we promise to be very patient and communicative in order to understand just what it is that you are aiming to achieve.