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Information for Self Publishers

There are many good reasons for you to self publish especially if you have the drive to promote
your own work and become involved in aspects of marketing that a commercial
publisher would not be able to assist you with


Book launches and signings can create successes for Authors

Your first book has been printed and is in
your hands. Now you want to find ways to sell it. You’ve already put in so much hard work to make the first step a reality, now you need to find out if it really is the worthwhile product you believe it is. You've seen it this far and your commitment and drive to succeed will be tested but you must succeed in your aim to distribute it to the world. You are an author, not a salesperson but now you must put on a new cap.

We have found that after the successful production of your book which includes the printing of at least a few copies, it is well worthwhile approaching the bookstore chains. If they accept your book/s as worthwhile products they will more often than not offer you a book signing if not a book launch.

Book launches are multifaceted. They are about much more than having a book shop arrange your launch on a Saturday morning. For people to buy your book they must go to the shop to do that and so you can play an important part in seeing that people are aware of your book launch.

Having posters printed and placed in locations such as coffee shops and shopping centres is a good idea. Having a banner designed and printed is very worthwhile since it gives you a great deal of professional credibility. And handing out bookmarks at the launch will remind those who didn't buy the book at the launch how to find out more on your website and hopefully will buy the book from there. Make sure that the message on posters, banner and bookmarks is the message that you need to get across and that they carry a consistent and polished message. Firstly though make sure that your book has a presence on the Internet.

Having a professionally designed Press Release is also an excellent idea. Make sure that as many newspapers and magazines as possible get one. You have been confident enough in your idea to turn it into a book, chances are other people may feel the same, and who knows a successful book launch may turn you into a bestselling author.


Definition of Self-publishing

Self-publishing is the publication of any book or
other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher.
A self-published physical book is said to be privately printed. The author is responsible and in control of
entire process including, in the case of a book, the design of the cover and interior, formats, price, distribution, marketing and public relations.
The authors can do it all themselves or outsource
all or part of the process to companies that offer
these services.

Self-publishing is not limited to physical books. Websites, ebooks, pamphlets, sales brochures,
and other materials are commonly self-published.

Source: Wikepedia




Why self-publish?

Many self-publishers set out in the hope that the established publishing companies will recognise their work as commercially viable. The frustration for most is that publishing houses often won’t take risks on unproven ventures and of course are especially wary of subject matter that is not aimed at a mass market. You certainly can approach the publishing companies and should, because obviously if you don't you won't know. Unfortunately for the majority, the exercise ends in rejection. For many the only alternative is to self-publish because otherwise that precious knowledge and creativity will never see the light-of-day. Many of our clients have done just that and found that they are able to take advantage of the freedom that self-publishing has given them.

Good Reasons to Self Publish

There are many good reasons to self-publish your book/s:

  • commercial publishers will tell you what they want and more likely than not ignore intentions you may have had for your own work;
  • self-publishing gives you, the author control. The final decisions are yours and aren't governed by third party interests;
  • you retain all publishing rights. If you use a publishing house they own all of the rights to your book. This includes the rights to 'design' work that is created for your project e.g. cover designs, iconography, illustrations, logos, layout etc. If the publisher loses interest in your book, you will not be able to print additional copies unless you purchase those rights;
  • if the subject matter of your book has a limited market it is unlikely to be of interest to a large publishing house. You can test the market yourself by setting up a simple website to take advantage of Search Engine Otimisation SEO criteria which targets Google search enquiries world-wide;
  • you can choose to print your book Print-on Demand PoD – in limited numbers and offer it as a PDF or eBook only, or at least until you are confident that it is worth the outlay to have a larger quantity printed. At that point printing in Asia becomes viable since you can save up to 50% on printing in Australia. See: Printing in Asia. For larger quantities, and in
    our experience it is a viable option;
  • after you have made a success of your book – with our design assistance, publishing companies may then become interested. The fact is that publishing companies are always on the look-out for successful publications that they can take advantage of. You may not want them after all the hard work has been done because what they'll offer will suit them and not you. And the reality is that the percentage from sales to the author is very poor;
  • apart from your own website there are many established distribution channels that you can tap into – Global Distribution Services.

What we can do for self-publishers

We can assist you in your self-publishing venture by providing a friendly, personal and committed service with expertise in all the important areas of book production including: research, writing, editing, concept and layout design, cover design, illustration and computer-aided graphics, typesetting, typography, photography, preparation for output and management of the whole project through to printing and publishing. The optimisation of your precious photographic images is also a very important part of the service we provide.

We give special attention to the design and visual concept, especially on the cover
of your publication because it has crucial relevance to attracting attention from and informing your readership and potential market about what you have on offer.
Good design ensures excellent Communication.

Our editors with expertise relevant to your subject area, can if required, give the
very best advice with structural writing and editing. We can arrange engagement
on your behalf. Our membership of the Society of Editors, Queensland Inc. aids
in this process.

We arrange book printing in Australia or in Asia at economical prices on short or long runs – delivery can be made to your door wherever you are in Australia.

We can act on your behalf or we can guide you through the registration of your publication with the National Library, Cataloguing-in-Publication Unit (CiP) using  the Thorpe-Bowker website: to obtain an ISBN number and
bar code for your book/s.

Once your book has been printed, or at a minimum converted to a digital PDF, repurposing as an eBook becomes a very viable option for you since right now eBooks are truly taking off. The eBook format can be made available for purchase
on every e-reading device such as iPad, Sony Reader, Kindle and Nook. Many
online retailers are now established to resell and promote your books. See:
for Authors

In order to test the viability of a publication, we advise new authors to produce an electronic version for trailing on the internet or printing in limited quantities. The approach we take is to assist with the organising of economical ‘short run’ printing – from one to several hundred units. If this receives successful acceptance from the potential market, the author may then confidently produce more in a larger production run.

There are a variety of ways that self-published printed books can be marketed,
from having a website created to hands-on promotion. We can show you how.
Marketing for Authors.


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