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We are highly experienced in marketing Self Publishers and Authors and can assist
you with the development of a full
Author Marketing Package or elements thereof depending on your needs and budget.

The aim of a Marketing Identity is to create a coherent package of textual and iconic visuals that encapsulate your published and packaged product or set of products for the purpose of promoting, disseminating and selling them.

The building of a Marketing Identity starts with planning based on your subject matter, your products and your persona – relative to your created 'works'. When combined with a simple textual title or catchphrase the Identity can quickly and clearly convey much of what there is to say, about your product and yourself as author to your intended audience. When applied  consistently across a range of promotional activities the image becomes an important part of your Marketing Strategy – so called in the commercial world.

The world is cluttered with images and slogans and so it is imperative that the image we create for you stands out by signaling to your audience that you have something unique, interesting and relevant – even exceptional, to say to them. This image achieves what the appearance of words on a page cannot. It lets your audience know visually, and from a distance that the words contained in your 'works' will have interest and meaning for them.

From the outset we recommend creating an Author Image so that you appear as the credible and creative author/publisher that you are, or will become. Thinking ahead –
if you are likely to produce more than one book the advantage of presenting an Author Image rather than offering books piecemeal is that you become the unifying element of your 'work' overall. You are at the core of your own creations and so presenting a coherent image will benefit your promotional activities from the inception of your project.

The idea of using the image of the 'author' as central to the marketing of books is worthwhile since we know that people are enthralled with authors and their creative pursuits but more so are captivated by the successes of creative individuals.

The benefits of a Packaged Author Image

We produce a targeted Marketing Package for our Authors which usually includes
a logo or logotype and a masthead or other visual that succinctly communicates product/s and author image as a combined visual package. This involves producing a consistent and connected Visual Identity that can be applied throughout your marketing program from online presence to printed publicity items including book covers. Appropriate images and colours are also used to convey important information about you and your products.

The process of designing your marketing begins when we get to know you and when you've supplied us with all of the information and material relevant to the design
and production of your book/s. That obviously includes textual and visual material but
as the project evolves we use the supplied material to additionally develop your marketing.

A consistent look and feel across all of your products and promotional items lets
your audience know that you are to be taken seriously and that you are credible and professional. We will make recommendations, however you are free to decide whether
you want any or all of the features offered.

Website Design and Management for Self Publishers

Most businesses have a website these days and many authors have caught on to the idea of self and product promotion by having an effective, dedicated website developed for them. Of course it is possible to buy a do-it-yourself site but you may not get access to the many advantages that a professional web designer and marketer can bring to your offerings. This could include the benefits of a modern Shopping Cart and eCommerce facility, Search Engine Optimisation SEO, among other worthwhile advantages.

We design and host websites for authors and self-publishers with the recommendation
that your Site be dedicated to you, the author using the previously described Author Marketing Image. See for an example of this applied
to the promotion of our client Donna Williams.

A well-designed, functional website is an author's link to a world-wide and interested readership, their audience. It provides visitors with a glimpse into the life, motivations
and interests of a successful author. It is where you can be presented in your working environment. Therefore a dedicated website should be where much of the marketing
effort is focused and where ideas for new books and other products can evolve.

Websites designed and managed by us can include:

  • Introduction to Author and Book/s and a call to buy your books
  • Website Masthead and Site Title e.g. Your Name + Author – website URL would be:
  • Book/s Profile with full description of subject matter and page samples
  • Latest News and Blog – engagement and interaction with audience and postings
    about your latest activities
  • eCommerce – Shopping Cart facility linked to PayPal or not
  • Social Media (setup by us on your behalf) with links to your website – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube Channel if required
  • Gallery or Galleries of your Images as menu-driven or slide show collections
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO implemented on all our Author websites
    through our Google Webmaster account

Menu items can include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction – Home Page
  • About the Books
  • Buy the Books – Shopping Cart
  • About the Author
  • Image Gallery/Slide Show
  • Latest News
  • Author linked Blog
  • Facebook and Twitter links and or an onsite Facebook blog
  • Contact the Author

Any other information of relevance that you might want to display such as, for example, historic images and photographs, descriptions of characters and or places in your book/s can easily be accommodated. Slide shows are a great solution to displaying your photos.

Author Interviews and YouTube Video Channel

We are now assisting our Authors to create promotional videos. This is a very effective marketing tool as it takes full advantage of the enormous search potential within Google. Google+ and YouTube work in tandem and with the creation of a YouTube Channel this acts as an additional, largely free online presence for authors.

The Videos can be linked and posted to dedicated author websites drawing further on Google search potential and thereby directing more traffic to website shopping carts.

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Websites and Marketing Identities for authors

Our most successful and ongoing project is a full Marketing Package for Donna Clare Williams which began with the design and printing in Taiwan of her first book, Adventures in the Ladies Loo. The book is the result of Donna’s habit of recording the many interesting events and behaviours in the Red Cross, Ladies Rest Rooms beneath the Brisbane City Hall in the1970s.

Donna has now had a very successful
book launch and book signing at the
Mary Ryan bookstore in Milton, Brisbane. For support we designed a banner which reflected the image we designed for the
book cover.

Donna is now well under way writing a series of novels based on the main character from Adventures in the Ladies Loo.

We designed and manage a comprehensive and highly functioning website for author Donna Williams. Follow the link below for more about our website design and management for authors.



Marketing Identity for author Adrian Lane-Mullins

The logotype (below) that we created for author Adrian Lane-Mullins is an example
of how a visual image works to convey an important message. The intention here
was to reflect the humour in Adrian's work and as such it was important to create an image to suit this idea. The resulting graphic was applied to book covers, to a dedicated website, book launch and book signings banner, Facebook page, bookmarks and
press releases.

Above: Adrian Lane-Mullins working in his home studio.

Below: Boxing created for the Adrian Lane-Mullins, Limericks for Laughs series of books.

Self-marketing for Authors

Authors who are able and willing to become involved in their own marketing are most likely to succeed. Approaching the book chains with your newly printed book is an excellent way of getting first-hand feedback about your publication.

The ABC is always on the lookout for opportunities to interview authors with
a story to tell and a number of our clients have taken advantage of ABC612 and Radio National (Australia-wide) to promote their books. The resulting audio file can be embedded in your Author's website.

Other initiatives include giving talks
where groups who might be interested
in your work are known to congregate
e.g. clubs and associations.

Great potential in a Book Launch and Book Signings

Our authors take full advantage of the potential of book signings and book launches at major book chain stores. You
can organise this for yourself or we can do
it for you. We can create a multi-purpose Banner that works in the background to explain your offerings.

Alternative locations for book signings
could potentially include relevant sites
such as the Queensland Maritime Museum for the launch of a book about historic ships.