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Book and Book Cover Design?

You have authored the contents of your book and now need to publish it in
print and or in digital form so that the subject matter can be recognised for it is – a highly significant contribution to contemporary life.

We offer quality design and marketing so that you can be assured your publication will stand out and be discovered by those with an interest in its subject matter.
We know how it works, are highly experienced and can guide you through every step of the process.

Quality Editing services

If  initially you require editing services we can offer you the advantage of professional manuscript appraisal and structural and copy editing by being able
to recommend an editor with expertise in your particular subject area. We have access to the first rate editing services of the Society of Editors Qld. Inc. and the national Institute of Professional Editors Limited IPED. We are a long-standing member of the Society of Editors Qld. Inc.


Your Options – Comprehensive Marketing Services for
Self Publishers and Authors

Before, or after your manuscript is complete and we have assisted you to produce your self published book or books, you might like to consider options for selling and marketing and or promoting yourself as the author of your own creative works. We are highly experienced and can assist you with the development of a comprehensive Marketing Package or elements thereof depending on your
needs and budget.

We are at the forefront of technology and thoroughly up-to-date with the revolution in digital publishing, marketing, online promotion and ecommerce. This capability also means that we can make the best use of these assets to
design and market your precious 'works', and or yourself as 'author'.

Your choice! A Marketing Package can include a combination of the following:

  • Book and Book Cover design
  • Editing and Manuscript appraisal
  • assistance with registering your ISBN/s
  • conversion to digital formats – eBook (ePub, Kindle) and PDF
  • advice on short run printing, Print-on-Demand POD achieved locally
    and or printing cost-effectively in volume overseas
  • digital and physical book distribution through our book eTailer channels including Amazon, CreateSpace
  • assistance with choosing a suitable distributor for your printed books.

A more Comprehensive Marketing Plan, which can include the creation of
Author Image includes some or all of the following features:

  • designed iconography for a comprehensive and professional promotional
    image e.g.
    Logotypes/Logos for application to Website, Book Launch and Banners, Mastheads, Press Releases and Business Stationery. These items are
    for use wherever your Marketing Image should be seen e.g. on the web, in print media, at book launches and book signings and at book fairs and
    festivals to name a few of the possibilities for exposure
  • Author Website with Author Image applied – includes hosting and
    eCommerce – Shopping Cart facility, linked Social Media including
    Facebook, Google+ and YouTube Channel if required
  • Social Media setup including Facebook, Google+, YouTube Channel
    managed by us or with hand-over to you as the administrator
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO on the Website through our Google Webmaster account.

We recommend creating an Author Image for you so that you appear, for promotional purposes as the successful and creative author/publisher that you
are, or will become. You, the Author should be the unifying element of all your marketing activities and so rather than presenting your books to the market piecemeal you can, and should add an important level of interest to your promotional efforts –

Website Design, Management & Hosting for Authors

Books are our specialty but we are also experts in Website Design and Ecommerce
and can develop a highly functioning website in order to achieve sales of your books, promote you as a worthy author and or effectively disseminate your precious information.


Ebooks and or Printed Books? Self Publishers are now
choosing to offer both

Most Authors are now primarily offering ebooks, though in addition to printed books. Most have realised that the traditional publishing method is not the only path to self publishing success.

Did you know that ebooks can be offered for sale and digital download from
your dedicated website?


Further advice on initiatives that you can take to promote yourself and your 'works' is offered. PLEASE ENQUIRE!

History Books – share your past in the best way possible!

Published histories are of enormous value to all of us! A professionally designed and reproduced history book will become a keepsake and an heirloom in perpetuity. You will be remembered and thanked for the great effort it takes to
put a history book together. We can help you in your endeavour to create the perfect gift for future generations.

History/heritage book design is one of our specialties. If we know anything we do know history! Follow the link below to find out about our extensive experience in publishing for history organisations and for family historians.


The benefits of Professional Graphic Design

Design is a very important element in the publishing process. Our design service provides much more than graphic design alone. What we offer is best described
as 'communication design' which ensures that what is achieved for you is a publication that conveys your important information in the most efficient
and effective way.

We can assist you in the planning of your project from the outset. Follow the link below for more information.


What is your Subject Matter?

We can assist with the design of books on almost any subject e.g. history,
environment, medicine/health, law, science, art, architecture, business/commerce, marketing, humour, travel and biography to name just few. Click on the link below to see a full list of possibilities.


Printing books in Australia and in Asia – pros and cons

Many authors and self-publishers want to know about the viability of printing in Asia. We have successfully organised the printing of large quantities of books for a number of our clients. You will find the facts including economies, by clicking below.



Self-publishing successes!

Adrian Lane-Mullins

Author,  Artist & Businessman


Donna Clare Williams

Author & Academic

What they said about us

Graham is innovative, highly artistic,
and patient! He is clearly a master
in his field of graphic design.

Donna Clare Williams

Director: Panther Publishing
Academic, Author

My sincere thanks for your advice,
huge contribution, and endless patience
in helping to bring this book to
finality. It has been a great
pleasure working with you.

Brian Andrews

Aquaculture expert
& Author

I absolutely love the whole front cover
as it is now. What you have done with
the type on the front, as well as the
whole front cover concept is brilliant,
greatly appreciated, and
very striking.

Mike Kinch

Self publisher & Author


What Self-publishers
should know in order
to succeed!


Large Publishing Projects
Design and Management

We are highly experienced in designing and managing large publishing projects including reports for managers of government, university, research, business and other organisations.
Text and academic books are also a specialty.


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