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Book Printing in Australia and in Asia

There are real cost benefits in having your books printed in Asia. The unfortunate truth is that the cost
of printing larger quantities of books in Australia is prohibitive. A small Print-on-Demand run done
locally serves the purpose of a smaller outlay on limited numbers for private and personal use.

Far left: checking the proofs at our Taiwanese printer.  Centre: operating the presses.  Right: delivery of our books into Brisbane.  Left: Page impositions hot off the press before guillotining at our printer in Taipei.
These are pages from the first of Adrian Lane-Mullins book, Limericks for Laughs.

Book Printing – pros and cons
of printing in Australia and
in Asia

We have been in the business of designing products for print including books for more than 25 years. Our experience as book designers, and with managing printing projects, gives you peace of mind. As part
of our service to you we help you decide
what the best printing options are regarding trim sizes, paper stock, colouring and
binding for your book.

Printing in Australia is costly but quality is expected and so we use a number of printers locally and one in South Australia. If quality and reliability are of the utmost importance our local printers can satisfy the needs of self publishers at reasonable prices whether you require 100 or 100,000 copies. The majority
of book publishers work with South Australian company Griffin Press because of their wealth of experience in book printing. They have been in business for more than fifty years and their reputation is second to none. However printing in Australia is more often than not short run, print-on-demand POD, digital printing, and for large runs it is expensive. That means if you need to sell books at a profit your only real option is printing in Asia.

Unfortunately Australian printers cannot offer the same economy of scale as printers in China even once freight costs have been added.

We deal regularly with three printers in China and Taiwan and so our consistency ensures their reliability.

There is no mystery about the printers we deal with and when the time comes you will be put in touch with the one we select on your behalf to reliably produce a first-rate product for you. You will be asked to initiate and confirm the project with them directly. On receipt of your deposit and supply of artwork by us for your book, printing promptly begins.

The range of materials and finishes on offer is extensive, in fact quality is much the same as you would expect from printers in Australia and the quality of production is excellent. Everything can be made to your exact requirements and suppliers are more than happy to work to unusual specifications if required. Our core suppliers hold ISO 9001 accreditation ensuring that your quality expectations are met. If problems arise you can be confident that we can act swiftly to resolve them on your behalf. We also ensure that your product complies with the relevant legislation. Every print job is different and so we choose the best printer for your job from our trusted suppliers.

You will be invoiced in Australian dollars.

You can be confident that we will coordinate the whole printing project on your behalf. This includes transferring print-ready files, checking proofs and reducing the chance of there being any problems with the final print outcome.

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Frequently asked questions about printing in Asia

How much can I save?

In our experience you will see at least a 15% savings on your printing costs by printing in Asia. With standard products, most international clients realize a 20% to 30% saving. With labor intensive products such as marketing folders inserted with sales sheets and brochures requiring manual collation, clients often realise up to a 50% saving.

You get quality at only a fraction of the price due to the lower cost of labor and raw materials and to the best equipment and highly qualified staff. Costs are about 50% lower than the cost of printing in the Australia, US and Europe. After factoring in shipping, our customers still realize at least a 20-30% saving.

How do I know who you are dealing with on my behalf?

From a choice of companies we have had dealings with over the past two years, one of Asia's most reputable printing companies stands out and we have found them to be exceptionally reliable.

We recommend their services and their service as second to none and enjoy an excellent relationship with their designated Australian representative who is only too willing to ensure that our client's needs are met.

The company we deal with has been in the printing business for over 60 years and are a publicly traded company. In fact they are Taiwan's largest publicly traded commercial publications printer and one of the largest in mainland China.

Is communication with a foreign business difficult?

Should you wish, you can communicate directly with our recommended printer and we will gladly put you in touch with them. However organising printing can be daunting and since we have a great deal of experience in this area and an established pathway you can confidently leave the whole process in our capable hands. We are in constant touch on current projects, sometimes on a daily basis, hourly if need be. You are assured of a trouble-free experience. We  actually have the assurance of support 24-hours a day,
7-days a week, something no printer in Australia currently offers.

How long will it take to receive my books?

Typically, our recommended printer estimates a delivery period of 15 business days from ex factory to delivery. Their state-of-the-art printing plants are in operation 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so they can produce even the largest orders quickly and efficiently. Relationships with major international ocean shipping companies ensures that you get the fastest service with the least hassle. Methods of delivery are customised to meet your overall needs. If you need some of your order shipped quickly, say for a book launch they can arrange for partial shipments by Air Freight arriving in about 1 week so you have the opportunity to receive some of your finished product ahead of the rest of the shipment.

An example of the time frame for the printing and delivery of 2,000 books to Brisbane.

  • 12 business days is average for the receipt of Proofs  (a sample of pages from your book as well as the cover as it will be when printed).
  • 22 business days is allowed for the actual print run.
  • 7 days is allowed for payment of the invoice and shipping agent arrangements.
  • 15 business days for Shipping – less by Air if the consignment is less than 150kgs.
  • 3 days for dock transfer arrangements and 7 days for you to pick-up or for us to courier to your address or our address for you to collect, a total 25 days.
  • Total for printing and shipping is roughly 80 business days – approximately
    3 months.

Do foreign printers deliver quality products?

Our books are printed on some of the most advanced Heidelberg presses from Germany, using the highest quality soy-based Toyo inks from Japan and eco-friendly papers from FSC certified manufacturers.

Our preferred Asian printing company is ISO-certified, which means that they abide by all internationally recognized standards of production control, management, and safety regulations necessary to ensure the quality of all products. They not only exceed all Australian, American and European production standards, they produce some of the best quality printed products in the world. The ability to produce the best quality is based on them having the best equipment and the best people to operate the equipment. They have invested heavily in state-of-the-art pre-press, printing and post-press equipment. and they employ skilled printing professionals who are highly trained and have years of experience in the printing industry. Their clientele including us, will testify that the quality and service that they receive is better than the quality they receive from many Australian based printers.