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We offer a comprehensive, Publication and Visual Communications Design Consultancy.

Operating in this new age – the corporate, data-driven, 'millennial' century, requires an understanding of the prevailing culture and the gamut of possibilities offered by the digital age. We are at the forefront of technology and have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages that offers. However we also have a perspective based on history – knowledge built on the solid foundation of experience. We've seen it all – almost! And we have a creative spirit!  Let us
offer you the benefit of our comprehensive potentialities and
show you how we can successfully apply that to your publishing
and promotional projects.

Our project inputs can include Graphic and Publication Design, Photography Direction and Organisational Image Development, generation of Visual Imagery and Iconography, Promotional Writing and some Editing. Professional Editing and Photography are provided by our highly experienced and qualified associates.

Publishing project management has been, and still is a very important part of the service we offer and includes an experienced visual and verbal communications contribution to project planning.

Over many years we have been involved in the design and production of a significant number of larger publishing projects
such as master plans, reports, prospectuses, manuals, text books
and so on for government – all levels, universities, university departments, statutory authorities, environmental agencies,
corporate and commercial entities among others.




We have worked closely with publishing project managers, communications consultants, academics, researchers, business representatives and individuals to achieve the best possible publishing outcomes for them.

Over the past twenty years a number of major publishing
projects have been undertaken including the State of the Marine Environment Reports for Australia SOMER, for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Federal Government – most recently Fast Forward, The Future of Digital Service Delivery report for CSIRO DATA61 and the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology & Innovation DSITI. Another larger report that we helped produce is Linking Green Productivity to Ecotourism for the Asia Pacific Organisation, Tokyo, the project managed by Professor Thor Hundloe, Environmental Management Centre, University of Queensland. Currently we are engaged in producing a highly important forward-planning and promotional publication for the Queensland University of Technology QUT.

The Slide Show above presents some of the more important projects we have been involved with. Below are detailed descriptions of a number of important assignments. For more on these and other significant design projects see: Our Work – Graphic Design Folio
in the main Menu above.

We welcome enquiries from project managers seeking design assistance and consultancy in regard to visual and verbal communication on their larger publishing projects.

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and
Federal Australian Government, environmental publishing project

State of the Marine Environment Reports for Australia SOMER


CSIRO DATA61 and the Queensland Department
of Science, Information Technology and Innovation

Fast Forward, The Future of Digital Service Delivery report

In 1994-95 Graham Abraham Design was engaged to produce
a number of large reports and a promotional booklet for the
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Federal Government of Australia to promote Australia's newly
appointed role in administering the Exclusive Economic Zone. SOMER is still considered to be the most comprehensive
scientific descriptions of Australia's marine environment ever produced.

Graham Abraham worked closely with Professor Leon Zann, project manager who oversaw important contributions from environmental experts around Australia.

Publicity materials, which included the booklet above and a number of highly technical reports, some of 800 pages and more were produced. Our work on Our Sea, Our Future, Major Findings of the State of the Marine Environment Report for Australia involved creating many detailed graphic diagrams, maps and so on. Page layouts with an example of this graphic work is shown in Our Work – Graphic Design Folio. Examples of the work presented on this website are a very small sampling of the overall project. The project was finalised in 1996.

Our most recent project is a 60 page report for CSIRO
DATA61 which was intended for digital distribution to
government and industry stake-holders. Data61 is the largest
data-driven innovation group in Australia and brings together
the CSIRO Digital Productivity Team and National Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of
Excellence. It contributes published findings to relevant
government departments.

Lachlan Rudd, CSIRO DATA61 Research Projects Officer engaged us to design the Fast Forward report on the basis of previous relevant experience.

Graham Abraham Publication and Graphic Design worked closely with Lachlan Rudd and the CSIRO Branding department to achieve a report that complied with DATA61, CSIRO design Guidelines. We contributed design, illustrations, infographics, diagrams, graphs and tables. Imagery that conveys the subject matter relative to innovative digital and data application for Queensland Education, Health, Transport and Policing was created.

The report was intended for digital distribution within the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation for an upcoming conference.

One of our associates, editor Kerry Davies, former President of Editors Queensland and the national Institute of Professional Editors provided copy editing.

University of Queensland, Environmental Management Department
and the Asian Productivity Organisation

Linking Green Productivity
to Ecotourism, Experiences in
the Asia-Pacific region


This report was initiated by Professor Thor Hundloe of the Environmental Management Centre, University of Queensland
for the Asia Pacific Organisation APO. We liaised with project manager Mandar Parasnis, based in Tokyo in order to achieve
a successful outcome.

The work we did for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on the State of the Marine Environment Reports for Australia ensured we had the qualifications to produce this important international report.

University of Queensland, Media and Information Services

Business, Economics and
Law Prospectus

2002-2003 Graham Abraham was employed by University of Queensland, Media and Information services to produce departmental prospectuses, newsletters, displays, plenaries and conference materials among other items for design.

After leaving the University Graham continued to service the needs of various departments including Government, Music, Botany and Chemical Engineering.

South Australian Maritime Museum

Annual Report

Soil Sub Pty Ltd –


The Annual Report shown above was one among many
such projects undertaken 1987-1994 for the South Australian Maritime Museum SAMM and the History Trust of South Australia HTSA. Graphic and display design and photography were provided to these and other organisations including the Port Centre Project, an initiative of the Port Adelaide City Council and the Premier's Department of South Australia whose role it was to oversee the promotion of the Port Adelaide Historic Precinct.

During this time and from time to time the Port Adelaide City Council required graphic design work for its own purposes on diverse projects which included publicity, display and signage.

For a number of years Graham Abraham Design worked as a graphic design consultant for public relations company, Steve Dicks and Associates. Projects were undertaken for diverse clientele including the Falie Project responsible for the marketing of the sail training vessels, Falie and One and All. Other clientele included British Aerospace Ltd for which a major travelling display and supporting publicity materials
for an aerospace and defence exhibition in Montreux, Switzerland were designed and produced.

The prospectus above was produced in partnership with
Dan Breaden Consulting and Design whose contacts came by
way of previous consultancy work.
Dan Breaden liaised with the senior management of Soil Sub Pty Ltd based in Perth, Western Australia and with executives in Brisbane.

We managed the design work for the prospectus which included supplying artwork for printing of the document to the printer in Perth Western Australia to achieve the desired final outcome.
The design of a Powerpoint presentation for Nutrimix,
a subsidiary of Soil Sub preceded this work.






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