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Autobiography Family History

Client: Mike Kinch

Author/Family Historian

Mike Kinch found our services on the internet and decided that we should produce his book.

Mike was very pleased with the result of
the work we did on the whole book however in regard to the cover he commented, "I absolutely love the whole front cover as it is now. What you have done with the type on the front, as well
as the cover concept is brilliant, greatly appreciated, and very striking."

At the outset Mike wasn't sure whether to have his book printed in Australia or in Taiwan or neither. In the end he decided to publish on Amazon Create Space. We facilitated the setting up of Mike's Amazon account and uploaded files for his ebook and for the printing of the book. The end result has been one of a very high standard and has pleased Mike greatly. He said, "if anyone is interested in speaking to me I will give my full recommendation in regard to the work you did for me."


Unknown yet Known

Mike Kinch


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