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Donna Williams Author: Website and Social Media

A good friend of Donna Williams had designed a website to promote her first book, Adventures in the Ladies Loo however we
were able to convince her that it would be
to her advantage to have us design a more comprehensively author focused site. We are much more able to promote her, the author, and her works since we have much experience in website design and management Internet and Social Media marketing. And because we designed Donna's first book we had an in-depth understanding of her intentions, the content of her book and her as an author.

As far as Donna is concerned Adventures in the ladies Loo has been a success, she has sold  500 printed copies and additionally several hundred ebooks however given the subject matter of the book it has a limited market. We discussed with Donna the idea of her writing a series of follow-up books based on Mavis, the principle character from Adventures in the Ladies Loo. In Ladies Loo Mavis is a thoroughly fifties busy body who spends a great deal of time observing the activities and goings on in the Ladies Loo, the Red Cross Tea Room beneath the Brisbane City Hall. The new Mavis we suggested could be a more elegant and somewhat sophisticated gossip who roams the world observing the activities of ordinary folk wherever she happens to be. Some development of the idea and the character needed to occur, however an inspired
Donna is well under way writing the first book of the series based on the idea of Mavis, cruise ship maven.

We have produced a Marketing Package for Donna that focuses on Donna Clare Williams as author of her own creative 'works'. The Author is the pivot or unifying element for marketing Donna Williams' products (books). The website has been revamped to reflect the change and
the new web address registered as donnawilliamsauthor. The aim is to establish the author as worthy of note in order to create a best-seller of the Mavis series as well as to establish Mavis as an important fictional character. This will also have the effect of encouraging sales of
Adventures in the Ladies Loo.

The highly functional website has been a great success and includes e-commerce facility and a Shopping Cart from where
the physical and digital versions, including
ebooks for download are sold.

Facebook and Twitter accounts were set up with links to the website so as to encourage interaction and a website Blog was installed on the site so that current happenings could be added by Donna herself without our intervention.

Other initiatives for Marketing

An additional element to the Marketing is the creation of promotional YouTube videos designed to highlight Donna's experiences as a successful author and which promote
her books. A
YouTube Channel has been created for Donna and the first of the videos
posted has been posted on the website. This will help drive traffic to the website.



Website Design, Management and Hosting Package

We design and manage websites for the promotion and marketing of our Authors and their publications (products). The sites are highly functional, easy to navigate and succinct in presentation. They encourage visitors to buy your books on the basis of being able to gain an informed interest in your subject matter. The sites we design are an excellent marketing tool and are set up to make streamlined sales of books and associated products.

Features of our Websites and integrated
Social Media Marketing

  • HOME PAGE ORIENTATION, INTRODUCTION AND AUTHOR PROFILE  Since for marketing purposes authors are an integral part of their own offerings we feature them strongly on dedicated websites as a unifying element rather than focusing on individual books in a piecemeal way. This is important especially since most authors will create more than one book, some produce books on diverse topics and so this can be more easily explained by using clear design to communicate ideas. Often Authors will have a range of interests that are relevant to their subject matter and these can also be highlighted and linked providing a more comprehensive profile.
  • Follow the link for information about how and why we recommend creating Author Profiles for our Self Publishers: Marketing for Self Publishers.
  • BOOK/S PROFILE  An About the Book/s page is included on every site with links to Book Reviews and Reader Testimonials. Options for sampling the works before buying are also made available. Wherever possible encouragements are offered to Buy the Book/s – printed or digital.
  • LATEST NEWS AND BLOG  An active Latest News page and an onsite Blog that presents current happenings, launches, achievements and media activity can be a feature of every site. This enables the audience to have an ongoing engagement with the Author's activities and future program. It enables Authors to self-manage the Blog page, respond to posts and add text and images to suit.
  • SHOPPING CART  A cost-effective Shopping Cart can be implemented on every site with features that take advantage of modern eCommerce facilities. It has been said that if the purchasing process seems too onerous, prospective buyers will abandon it altogether. The type of Cart we use includes a highly streamlined process for
    purchasing without the need for the intervention of the Author or site administrator. The Cart is linked to the client's PayPal account but does not require the buyer to have an account with PayPal. Download of digital Ebook and PDF versions of your books is available, and after payment and download the buyer is conveniently returned to the website. Credit and Debit Cards are accepted. Sites are also set up for manual EFT payments and so all options are covered.
  • SEO METADATA/GOOGLE WORD SEARCH AND WEBSITE OPTIMISATION  Metadata and keyword analysis is applied to all sites and is updated regularly. We use Google's Webmaster tools and Google Analytics in order to effectively monitor the visibility of our sites. This enables Search Engine Optimisation SEO and identification of site subject matter that ensures sites show up in the various search terms that might be applied – world-wide.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING  Additional marketing can be achieved using Social Media. We can set up Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and other accounts on behalf of Authors, handing over to them once design and implementation is complete but retaining access as content contributors so that graphics generated on the client's behalf can easily be applied. Social media hot-linked buttons are provided on all websites. Other benefits of social media are that it encourages people to reveal their interest in the content and it offers an invitation to get involved. This provides evidence of site activity and of course gives direct feedback about the efficacy of websites.
  • BUSINESS CATALYST  We use the latest industry-standard Adobe software package to create and manage our sites. Benefits include the efficient inter-meshing of Adobe's suite of content creation programs which includes Dreamweaver, Indesign, Photoshop and Flash with the added features of Adobe Business Catalyst. Business catalyst provides advantages such as Search Engine Optimisation and weekly feedback on site activity. This Graham Abraham Publication & Graphic Design website is hosted by Adobe Business Catalyst.
  • PAID ADVERTISING  We generally point out to our clients the benefits of using Google Analytics and Adwords if they choose to pay for advertising. Facebook and other social media which engages an audience more directly and personally also now offers advertising for minimal outlay.
  • DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION If required assistance with Domain Name registration can be arranged on your behalf.

Yearly Hosting costs apply to all our websites.

Do Authors really need a Website?

The general public are fascinated by creative people and their work. Not only do they want to find out about your writing and your ideas, they want to know about you, the author and what makes you tick. They want to know about your interests and values, and they want to be able to converse with you online.

In the digitally connected world, you can’t put your book out
there but leave yourself out of the picture. A website is the place where readers can find out more about your work and about you and for that reason it is where you need to build your brand using an online Author Profile.

A dedicated website is a place to build your community, have control over your image and determine how your work appears to your audience. Its a place to keep your content alive in real time. Your website is where you are in control and where you get to decide what your audience sees and knows about you. It is where you are able to share your work and explain how it develops over time. People who are engaged with your site and with you are much more likely to buy your books.

Website testimonials from your devoted fans are an essential way
of solidifying your brand, expertise and the products you offer.



If an interested reader does a quick Google search for you and doesn’t find a website what does that say about you? Not having a website could be viewed as unprofessional, out-of-date, and unconnected. Searchers may see your lack of a website as a reason not to take you seriously as a writer since most credible authors have websites these days.

In order to conduct ecommerce and make sales of both printed and digital books your website should have an integrated shopping cart facility that uses simple navigation to enable purchase of your books. It is well-known that buyers will abandon awkward processes and so the shopping carts that we implement are highly functioning and streamlined and they are available internationally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Social media platforms don’t cancel out the need for a website they work with it. It is important to make use of Social Media to drive traffic to your website.

Without a website, it would be difficult to collect email addresses on a consistent basis or have a home base for the content you send out in emails.

The image below represents the Home Page of a website that we designed for author Donna Claire Williams. For more see below.


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