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You could engage a design company with a dozen staff all clamouring for your attention and
encouraging you to pay up front for a package, elements of which you may not need or want.
Or you may have been burned by one of the online, packaged approach, impersonal and
remote self publishing businesses such as Exlibris or Austen MaCauley. In contrast our output
is not prodigious, preferring not to churn out books as some do but instead concentrate on
projects at hand, giving each project and each author our full, considered
and personal attention.

You won't find a brash team at Graham Abraham Publication and Graphic Design, just
a very personable approach in a setting with plenty of space, peace and quiet in which to
establish what it is you really need. Our team does not exist in-house however the very best
of available professionals – our associates e.g. editors are carefully chosen for their in-depth
knowledge of subjects with specific relevance to your particular field of interest. Our expertise
is in designing, producing and marketing your books. It covers not just visual design but the
use of words as well. Graham is himself a skilled writer and has a gift for verbal expression
and an eye for textual detail.

Once we have had your book printed and delivered and or posted as an ebook to
online book retailers – etailers, sites you may have the need to investigate the many available
options for marketing your precious work. Whether you are a novice self publisher or
not, we endeavour to build a close working relationship with you, the author, in order
to fully understand your aims and needs. From the outset, and before any work begins,
our goal is to grasp the essence of your work – to gain a clear understanding of you as
a person, and as an author so that we can produce inspired design work
and if required, targeted marketing.

We have more than 17 years experience in assisting self publishers, just like yourself to
successfully realise their dreams. Why not let us work with you to publish your important
work? Call us now for a free one hour consultation at our studio in Kenmore,
Brisbane, Queensland: 0404 063 705.


If you are an author looking for Self Publishing Services you will most likely find what
you are looking for in the list of our services below. Government, Educational, and Commercial
Authors needing Publishing and Graphic Design Project Management please follow this link.


Self Publishers – if for some reason the list below does not include what you might expect, please inquire.

  • One-off Book Design including preparation of files for printing and or digital conversion to ebook and PDF formats. Assistance with registering your book/s with Bowker Thorpe and obtaining ISBNs on your behalf. A full package of Marketing services for Authors also available.
  • Sets or Series of Books designed and boxed or not for self publishers requiring additional services.
    Comprehensive Marketing and Distribution services also available.
  • Publication Types – click here for the types of publication we specialise in and will consider working on.
  • Editing & Manuscript Appraisal selected for relevance from the professional members of the
    Society of Editors Queensland and the Institute of Professional Editors Limited.
  • Printing in Australia and Asia – economies of scale v short-run Print-on-Demand POD.
  • Etailer Accounts – assistance to set up accounts and to post your books on Amazon Kindle
    Direct Publishing
    and Create Space, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks etc.
  • Book Distribution – if required engagement of Distribution Services on your behalf
    including submission of Physical Books to book chains.
  • Marketing for Self Publishers and Authors – includes self-selected initiatives chosen from our list of Marketing options.
  • Comprehensive Book Design and Marketing Package for Authors and Self Publishers. Includes book design and printing, a dedicated, hosted and managed Author Website with automated book sales
    through an onsite Shopping Cart (ecommerce), Social Media marketing among other initiatives.
    See Marketing for Self Publishers and Authors.
  • Social Media Marketing – setup and hand over of dedicated Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
    YouTube Channel.
  • Author Image Development – designed to convey a professional image to assist in your publishing efforts.
  • Book and Author Promotion – includes assistance with Book Launches, Signings and Radio Interviews including ABC 612.
  • Author YouTube Channel and website linked Author Promotional Videos.
  • Patient, Respectful and Communicative Service.


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